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High- and Low-blood pressure are two common disorders in modern societies. Persons who suffer any of them must check their blood pressure daily, so they can inform their doctors about any change that might lead to a modification in their medical treatment. This program is a very comprehensive application that allows you not only to record your daily blood pressure, but also to keep statistics about it and compare your current data with those of earlier days, weeks and months. The program allows you to enter your blood pressure readings in an easy way. After you have entered several readings, the program will automatically create charts showing your blood pressure history. It also can create averages and show you any factor that may affect your readings. You can print any of the reports to show them to your doctor, so he/she can make decisions regarding your treatment.
Although the program is aimed at common users, it can be used also by doctors to keep track of their patients' blood pressure during consultations. As its cost is very affordable, it might be a wise investment.

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